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Windows keyboard shortcuts
Win Press windows key to open start menu
Win+R Apply to open Run dialog box
Win+M Apply to minimize all opened windows
Win+Shift+M Apply to maximize all opened windows
Win+L Press keys to lock keyboard in windows XP
Win+E Press keys to open My Computer
Win+F Apply to open search options
Win+U Apply keys to open Utility Manager
Win+D To view desktop/minimize all windows
Win+F1 To view the detail windows help page
Win+Pause To view the System Properties dialog box
Win+Tab Move through taskbar programs
Alt+Tab Move through opened windows programs
Alt+F4 Press keys to close active windows program
Alt+Enter Apply to open properties of selected item
Alt+ SPACEBAR Open the system menu of active window
Alt+ SPACEBAR +N Press keys to minimize the active program
Alt+ SPACEBAR +R Press keys to restore the active program
Alt+ SPACEBAR+C Press keys to close the active program
Alt+ SPACEBAR+X Press keys to maximize the active program
Alt+ SPACEBAR+M Press keys to move the active program
Ctrl+Alt+Delete Apply to open windows task manager
Ctrl+Shift+Esc Apply to open windows task manager
Ctrl+Esc Press keys to open start menu
Shift Shift key to prevent CD from automatically playing
Shift+Delete To delete items permanently
Ctrl + C Copy to Clipboard
Ctrl + V Paste from Clipboard
How to not get virus and spyware

Virus and spyware are unwanted software installed by accident (usually through websites) and cause problems such as slow keyboard input, pop-up's ads, browser delays, memory hog, etc.

Why is my computer so slow

Many slow computers are not slow because the hard drive is not big enough, or because of low memory (RAM), but because there are too many unecessary software running on it. Running a virus scan or spyware removal and change your settings, and uninstall uneedeed software will help. We offer $50 software cleanup special this Summer where tune up your whole computer like new again!

We recommend 768KB RAM minimum for XP and 1.5GB for Windows7)

Computer tips

Spyware or Virus keep getting on your computer?

Always use keyboard shortcut for all common task. Must try to understand repeated errors and eliminate them under "Settings"

Computer freezing

Only your application is freezing?

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del together, Under "Applications" tab, Right Click on your frozen Application then choose "End Task", confirm it in the next dialog, you should be able to resume computer to normal. Restart Windows from under Start menu if possible, if not, hold power button for 4 seconds to force shutdown.

Useful freeware

VLC Media Player * MSE * Klite codecs * WinRar * OpenOffice * Frostwire * Winamp * Picasa

Remember to always download your software from company's website who made the software.

Very useful websites